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Developing Your Social Media Marketing Plan

Step 1: Identify and target your ideal clients

Step 2: Prepare content that resonates with your audience

Step 3: Pick the right profiles to engage your target clients

Step 4: Determine how to convert followers into clients

Step 5: Put your social media plan into action


Social Media Lawyer and Legal Marketing Consultant

Every good lawyer starts with the end in mind. We envision the ideal outcome for our clients, and then develop a plan to achieve their goals. Well, guess what? The same process works with social media marketing.

As a social media lawyer and legal marketing consultant, I’ve helped thousands of lawyers grow their business with social media. We start by determining who are your ideal clients, how you can help them, and what unique skills and experience you have that should make them want to hire you.

We then decide which social media profiles you’ll use to target your ideal clients, the type of content you’ll need to attract their attention, and how to draw potential leads back to your website where they can be tracked and converted into clients.

While there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to social media, the 5 steps in this guide will help you develop a social media marketing plan tailored specifically to your firm and the specific clients you want to draw in.

This 5-step process has helped thousands of lawyers grow their firms, and I’m confident they will work for you too. At the conclusion of the guide, you’ll learn more about my book Social Skills that will offer more strategies, techniques, and tips to develop new business for your firm through social media. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started.

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